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Predictive control of flexible manufacturing systems

: Engell, S.

28th IEEE International Conference on Decision and Control '89. Proceedings
pp.54-59 : Tab.,Lit.
Conference on Decision and Control <28, 1989, Tampa/Fla.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IITB ( IOSB) ()
control of manufacturing process; flexible manufacturing system; flexibles Fertigungssystem; on-line Maschinenbelegungsplanung; on-line scheduling; prädiktive Regelung; predictive control; Steuerung von Fertigungsprozessen

This paper is concerned with the dynamic scheduling problem in flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). It is assumed, that a medium scale flexible manufacturing system consisting of 3-8 machines with overlapping functionality but possibly different effectivity is to be run under the JIT (just-in-time) philosophy. This means that all jobs have to meet their due dates but the starting times of the processing (due dates for delivered parts or previous stages of the production) should be as late as possible. Dynamic on-line scheduling means that the scheduling algorithms must react to the disturbances in the production process within short periods of time, typically some seconds to a few minutes. Under this contraint, an exact optimization cannot be achieved because of the enormous complexity of the problem. We present a mathematical description of the system and discuss possible approaches to the generation and the improvement to suboptimal schedules based on priority rules and the predicti on of the behaviour of the system under the regime of such rules.