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Precision Tin/Lead Alloy Plating for Flip Chip Technology

: Richter, H.; Rueß, K.; Gemmler, A.; Leonhard, W.

American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society -AESF-, Orlando/Fla.:
SUR/FIN '96. 83rd AESF Annual Technical Conference. Proceedings
Orlando, Florida: AESF, 1996
American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society (Annual Technical Conference) <83, 1996, Cleveland/Ohio>
Conference Paper
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Beschichten; Drahtbondtechnik; Flip-Chip-Montagetechnik; Flip-Chip-Technik; Galvanisieren; Legierung; Metallbeschichtung; Microplating; Präzisionsgalvanik; Tin/Lead alloy; Tin/lead alloy plating; wafer; wafer bumping; Zinn/Blei-Legierung; Zinnbleilot

The deposition of bumps is a prerequisite for flip chip attachment of bare dies. Bumping which is mostly done on the ICs at wafer scale can be performed by micro plating, vapour deposition or mechanical methods. Within this work a bumping process based on tin/lead alloy plating is reported. The high quality deposition of both the eutectic and the lead rich solder composition is described. All key issues covering the equipment, electrolyte and process parameters are discussed in detail. Further factors which influence the quality of the bumps (etch back or solder reflow) have been optimized.