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Praxisorientierte TCO-Untersuchung

Ein Vorgehensmodell
: Bullinger, H.-J.; Groh, G.; Grass, G.; Bartenschlager, F.

IM : die Fachzeitschrift für Information Management 13 (1998), No.2, pp.13-18
ISSN: 0930-5181
ISSN: 1616-1017
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IAO ()
Client/Server-System; IT-controlling; procedural model; TCO; Total Cost of Ownerschip; Vorgehensmodell

In the field of "Total Cost of Ownership" GSM AG and Fraunhofer-IAO have pioneered the German market. Since the year 1993 they have been continually extending and deepening their compelencies and validated their methodology in numerous research and industrial projects. GSM A G, and Fraunhofer-IAO have developed a generic model - the so-called TCO-Check"- that addresses many of the practical demands while it needs to be adapted to the customers needs. The article highlights some practical problems of the TC0 topic and gives some clues on solutions as well. It focuses on the procedual model and tthe methodology and provides insight on some selected details.