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PEM fuel cell
: Ledjeff, K.; Nolte, R.

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DE 1994-4443945 A: 19941209
DE 1994-4443945 A: 19941209
EP 1995-940152 A: 19951205
WO 1995-DE1752 W: 19951205
DE 4443945 C1: 19960523
EP 797847 B1: 19990421
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The invention relates to a PEM fuel cell, consisting of at least one strip diaphragm (8) which consists of at least 2, maximum 10,000 flat individual cells each comprising an electrode layer (10-12, 13-15) applied on both sides of a diaphragm made of polymer fixed electrolytes, whereby the individual cells are switched in series and are made of non-conducting material plates (21, 22) which act as heat exchangers and fuel supply device, which are contacted on the strip diaphragm (8, 16) on both sides and separate conductive structures (23,24) routed externally to the voltage tap.