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Polymer fuel cell
: Ledjeff, K.; Nolte, R.

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DE 1993-4314745 A: 19930504
DE 1993-4314745 A: 19930504
EP 1994-913013 A: 19940422
WO 1994-DE458 W: 19940422
DE 4314745 C1: 4314745
EP 698300 B1: 19971105
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The invention relates to a fuel cell comprising components such as current diverters, solid polymer electrolytes in the form of diaphragms, gas distribution rings and power distributors as components, whereby all components are manufactured from a parent thermoplastic polymer dissolved in a solvent and that the parent polymer is modified for each of the components such that the current diverters (1) are electrically conductive, the diaphragms (4) are ion-conductive, the current distributors (3) are permeable to gas and electrically conductive and the gas distribution rings (2) are made of non-modifyable and/or electrically conductive parent polymer and that the components are joined without seals by means of a composite process.