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Polygonspiegel und Polygonspiegelbaugruppe

Polygon mirror and polygon mirror assembly
: Guyenot, V.; Eberhardt, V.; Risse, S.; Damm, C.

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DE 1991-4140032 A: 19911205
DE 1991-4140032 A: 19911205
DE 4140032 C2: 19970320
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to a polygon mirror and a polygon mirror assembly. They meet very high precision requirements. The polygon mirror is characterized by the fact that the mirror surfaces are arranged symmetrically to an axis along their circumference, at least one end face has a spherical shape and that the end faces themselves form the axis of rotation. The polygon mirror arrangement consists of the polygon mirror, a bearing and a drive unit and is characterized by the fact that the polygon mirror forms the middle part of a spherical bearing.