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Plasmareaktor mit Prallstroemung zur Oberflaechenbehandlung

Plasma reactor with impact flow for substrate treatment - with the gas distribution space and/or plasma treatment chamber provided with plasma generation means.
: Elkine, B.; Mayer, J.; Oehr, C.

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DE 1997-19727857 A: 19970630
DE 1997-19727857 A: 19970630
DE 19727857 C1: 19990429
DE 29800950 U1: 19981217
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The reactor includes a plasma treatment chamber (26), a gas distribution space, a gas suction space (29), and reaction gas entry and exit connections (7, 1). The gas distribution and suction spaces are separated from the gas treatment chamber by means of a flat structure (13) which is provided with inlets for gas from its distribution space into the treatment chamber, and outlets (19) for gas from the treatment chamber into the suction space. The gas distribution space and/or the plasma treatment chamber is/are provided with plasma generation means. USE - For cleaning, etching, modifying, coating etc. of substrate surfaces. ADVANTAGE - Substrates with large surfaces can be subjected to a direct and uniform plasma action.