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Planning of enterprise-related CIM structures

: Mertins, K.; Süssenguth, W.; Jochem, R.

Jochem, R.; Mertins, K.; Süssenguth, W.:
Advances in factories of the future, CIM and robotics
Amsterdam, 1992 (Manufacturing Research and Technology 16)
ISBN: 0-444-89856-5
International Conference CARS and FOF <8, 1992, Metz>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
enterprise-related CIM structures; IEM; integrated enterprise modelling; object-oriented approach; Object-oriented modeling

This paper discusses the planning process of CIM Systems and the support of this planning process by modelling. Today the modelling of an enterprise is enabled by various methods which are used for different purposes and views upon the enterprise. Using an object-oriented approach the Integratedt Enterprise Modelling (IEM) concept will integrate different modelling views in one consistent manufacturing enterprise model and will provide a modelling base for construction of an enterprise model from a user's point of view. It will lead the user form a general CIM architecture given by predefined model structures to a particular model and architecture of the system support in his own manufacturing enterprise, which are the essential tasks towards a enterprise wide and integrative usage of information technology. Therefore the basic constructs like object class structure and a related process decription method via generic activity model will be presented. The kernel and the main views of a manufacturing enterprise model will be derived. An example using the IEM concept for the specific view of CIM planning and introduction will clarify the main features of the concept.