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Pinch plasmas as intense X-ray sources for laboratory applications

: Rothweiler, D.; Neff, W.; Lebert, R.; Richter, F.; Diehl, M.

Kenway, P.B.; Duke, P.J.; Lorimer, G.W.; Mulvey, T.; Drummond, I.W.; Love, G.; Michette, A.G.; Stedman, M.:
X-ray optics and microanalysis 1992. Proceedings
Bristol: IOP Publishing, 1992 (Institute of Physics - Conference Series 130)
ISBN: 0-7503-0255-0
pp.479-482 : Abb.,Lit.
International Congress on X-Ray Optics and Microanalysis <13, 1992, Manchester>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILT ()
filling pressure; latitude; lithography; mask wafer alignment; nitrogen discharge; radiation

Pinch plasma x-ray sources have been developed for x-ray lithography and x-ray microscopy. The lithography source is compatible with the electron storage ring printing process with respect to spectrum and enables full depth exposures in 1 Mym thick 60 mJ/square centimetre sensitivity resist at sub 0.2 Mym resolution within 10 minutes. The source for microscopy applications provides flash imaging of biological specimen with suboptical resolution (0.1 Mym - 0.2 Mym) at nanosecond exposure time.