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Photocatalytic novolak - based positive resist for X-ray lithography - kinetics and simulation

: Huber, H.-L.; Oertel, H.; Dössel, K.F.; Dammel, R.; Lingnau, J.; Theis, J.

Microelectronic engineering 6 (1987), No.1-4, pp.503-510
ISSN: 0167-9317
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ISIT ()
Lacktechnologie; resist technology; Röntgenlithographie; simulation; X-ray lithography

The technological benefits of novolak-based two component resists may be incorporated into resists of higher sensitivity by making use of the concept of "chemical amplification". A respective resist formulation by Hoechst offers sensitivities of better than 100 mJ/square meter with a demonstrated resolution of 0.3 mym lines and spaces. In a first - X-ray induced - reaction step, acid is formed, which subsequently decomposes the dissolution inhibitor in a catalyzed reaction. Emphasis is laid on reaction kinetics with the aim of simulating the radiation induced reactions as well as the development step. Application of these data within an extended version of the XMAS simulation program gives rise to a better understanding of resist behaviour under various exposure and development conditions. (IMT)