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Phlegmatisierter Sprengstoff und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung

Desensitized explosive and process for its manufacture
: Mueller, D.; Helfrich, M.

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DE 1989-3934368 A: 19891014
DE 1989-3934368 A: 19891014
EP 1990-113419 A: 19900713
DE 3934368 C1: 19901115
EP 423432 B1: 19931006
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A desensitized high-energy explosive, for example hexogen (RDX), octogen (HMX), etc., as an integral part of NC- or plastic-bound propellant powders (Lova-TLP) or of plastic-bound explosives (PBX), has a grain size of up to 5 m and a desensitizer incorporated in the explosive grain. In order to manufacture this type of explosive, it is proposed that the explosive be dissolved and mixed with the desensitizer in a liquid phase with a content of up to approx. 6%, and that the mixture be converted into the solid phase with a grain size of up to m by means of spray drying.