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Phase shifter
: Wang, Z.; Berroth, M.

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DE 1993-4327619 A: 19930817
DE 1993-4327619 A: 19930817
DE 4327619 C2: 19960418
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The currents in three current paths (14, 15, 16) can be controlled by a phase shifter for alternating currents to shift the phase of an input signal by means of field effect transistors (7, 8, 10, 11) whose gates are connected to phase lines (9, 12) of the input signal. The strength and the relationship of the intensities between the currents of identical size in the current paths (14, 15) and the current in the current path (16) are preset by means of a control circuit. An alternating current coupling device (13) is switched between the current paths (14, 15) so that a phase shift occurs between the currents in the current paths (14, 15) and the current in the current path (16). The output currents from the field-effect transistors (7, 8, 10, 11) are superimposed cross-wise in a superimposition circuit (3) in each phase line (21, 22) of the output signal which is also shifted in phase in relation to the input signal in the phase lines (9, 12).