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Phasenmodulierende Mikrostrukturen fuer hoechstintegrierte Flaechenlichtmodulatoren

Phase modulation structure for structure incident light - changes optical path length of light traversing dielectric in relation to state of dielectric which is not acted on by electric field.
: Gottfried-Gottfried, R.; Kueck, H.; Kunze, D.

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DE 1996-19624276 A: 19960618
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The structure (34) has a mirror on which is arranged a deformable and transparent dielectric (36). The structure also has at least two electrodes to which a voltage is applied. The electrodes generate an electric field in at least a partial region of the dielectric. The optical path length of the light passing through the dielectric is varied relative to a state of the dielectric not acted on by the electric field. The dielectric is arranged relative to the electrodes such that the light passing through the dielectric passes through at least part of the partial region of the dielectric which is acted on by the electric field before it is incident on one of the electrodes. ADVANTAGE - Allows several structures to be arranged in CMOS active matrix to form highly integrated surface light modulator.