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Pflanzliche Proteine für technische Anwendungen

Plant proteins for technical applications
: Borcherding, A.; Luck, T.

Spektrum der Wissenschaft (1994), No.5, pp.105-107
ISSN: 0170-2971
Journal Article
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
Biopolymer; extrusion; plastification; protein; Thermoplastifizierung

Although useful and desirable, the indestructability of petroleum-based (synthtic) plastic is a growing concern because of its accumulation in the environment. The development of biodegradable plastics is needed as one alternative to help solve solid-waste related environmental problems. Plant proteins of oilseed origin represent a huge potential of biopolymers that are currently unexploited. Investigations concerning the processing of soy protein isolate and caseinate using twin-screw-extruder have been carried out. The processing conditions and the extrudates produced are described.