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Personenidentifikation mit Bewegungsinformation

Personnel identification with movement information
: Wagner, T.; Bauer, N.; Boebel, F.G.

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DE 1994-4408792 A: 19940315
DE 1994-4413788 A: 19940420
EP 1995-912136 AW: 19950314
WO 1995-DE351 A: 19950314
DE 4413788 C1: 19951012
EP 758471 B1: 19990728
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The technical field of the invention is personnel identification. The invention proposes to evaluate movement information from video sequences which are obtained when a typical or preset motion sequence (2; 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e) of the person to be identified is performed. The said motion process is recorded and evaluated by means of a synergetic computer in order to obtain high reliability in recognition. Audio and static video information can be evaluated in an accompanying process.