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Permeation of volatile compounds from liquid phase through polymers

Permeation flüchtiger Verbindungen aus flüssiger Phase durch Kunststoffe
: Koszinowski, J.; Piringer, O.G.

4th International Symposium on Migration 1983. Lectures : 24.-25. November 1983
Hamburg: Deutsche Unilever GmbH, 1983
International Symposium on Migration <4, 1983, Hamburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
aroma; Flüssigkeit; Geruch; Kosmetik; Kunststoff; Lebensmittel; permeation; Substanz

Since the presentation of collected data about permeation constants of organic compounds by van der Veer and Feberwee in 1970, few papers dealing with permeation of volatile compounds have been published till now. In this time much work has been done in the investigation of migration phenomena, but in these migration studies mostly non-volatile compounds were tested. Because the cosmetic industry is interested in permeation tests for volatile organic compounds and because permeation data are also important for aroma substances in the food industry, we have studied the permeation of typical flavouring compounds with two independent methods. Especially we were interested in the permeation from liquid, because in this case we can't go back to any experience in the literature.For the permeation from liquid to liquid phase a simple equation was derived. For a two-component and a multi-component system the influence of the partial pressure of the substance in liquid phase will be shown. For some substances, polymers and solvents data are presented (solubility, diffusion and permeation constants). Absolute and relative solubility and permeation constants will be discussed.