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Pendulum ram impact testing machine
: Winkler, S.

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DE 1990-4025135 A: 19900808
DE 1990-4025135 A: 19900808
DE 4025135 C1: 19920102
Patent, Electronic Publication
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A pendulum ram impact testing machine has a first gearwheel (11) driven by the pendulum (9). A first entrainer (14) which is connected to a full height measuring device (20) is connected to the first gearwheel (11). The first gearwheel (11) is driven by a second gearwheel (16) arranged at a fixed distance to the pendulum hub and driven counterclockwise at the same speed in a parallel axis (18) to the pendulum axis (4). A second entrainer (18, 19) is connected to the second gearwheel (16), its distance to the rotational axis (15) of the second gearwheel (16) corresponding to the distance between the first entrainer (14) and the pendulum hub (4). A measuring and guide rod (19, 29) connected to the second entrainer (18, 19) can be inserted in the full height measuring device. The distance between the two entrainers (13, 18) is, with the exception of of a constant, directly proportional to the full height of the pendulum (9) by which all pendulum impact test parameters can be simply calcul ated. The pendulum ram impact testing machine (20) preferably comprises a capacitive displacement measuring device which has a capacitor sleeve connected to the first entrainer (14) and arranged in parallel to the vertical line (5) and a central capacitor rod arranged in the capacitor sleeve. An insulating plunging sleeve is connected to the guide rod which can be inserted into the capacitor sleeve between the capacitor surfaces.