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PEM-Brennstoffzelle mit strukturierten Platten

PEM fuel cells with structured plates
: Ledjeff-Hey, K.; Nolte, R.

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DE 1994-4443939 A: 19941209
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WO 1995-DE1751 A: 19951205
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EP 797848 B1: 19990331
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The invention relates to a PEM fuel cell comprising at least one strip diaphragm (17), which consists of at least two, at most 10,000 sheet single cells, each consisting of an electrode layer (11, 16) applied to both sides of a diaphragm made of a polymer fixed electrolyte, whereby the single cells are switched in series and have contacted plates with conductive regions (20) and non-conductive regions (21) on both sides of said strip diaphragm, whereby said regions are designed to prevent a short-circuit between the individual electrodes on a diaphragm side.