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4 nm gate dielectrics prepared by RTP low pressure oxidation in O2 and N2O atmosphere

4 nm Gate-Dielektrica hergestellt durch Niederdruck-Oxidation in O2 und N2O-Atmosphäre mittels RTP
: Bauer, A.J.; Burte, E.P.; Ryssel, H.

Fair, R.B.; Lojek, B.:
3rd International Rapid Thermal Processing Conference. Proceedings
ISBN: 0-9638251-3-5
International Rapid Thermal Processing Conference <3, 1995, Amsterdam>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
gate dielectrics; low pressure oxidation; N2O-oxidation; oxide homegenity; RTP; ultrathin oxides

For the first time. extensive experimental results are reported about the rapid thermal O2 and N2O oxidation of silicon at low pressure. The decrease of the oxidation rate in N2O is smaller than in O2 atmosphere with decreasing pressure. Therefore, almost equal oxidation rates for the oxidation in O2 and N2O atmospheres were found at the lowest investigated pressure of 25 Torr. In addition, the low pressure oxides show better oxide homogeneities across the wafer, especially is this true for N2O oxides. UP trathin (down to 4 nm) dielectric films for the application in metal-oxidesemiconductor (MOS) devices have been fabricated and electrically characterized. The low pressure oxides exhibit higher charge to breakdown values and dielectric breakdown fields than atmospheric pressure oxides.