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Parameter studies of early-time high-altitude EMP fields

: Leuthäuser, K.-D.

SRI International, Electromagnetic Sciences Laboratory, Menlo Park/Calif.:
Sixth NEM Symposium
Menlo Park, 1988
NEM Symposium <6, 1988>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer INT ()
Anstiegszeit; Compton-Strom; Computercode; Detonationshöhe; EMP; Erdmagnetfeld; Gammapuls; Kernwaffe; Maxwell-Gleichung; Parametervariation; Puls(elektromagnetisch)

The main purpose of the present calculations is to investigate the influence of parameter variations on the EMP signal as received by an observer on ground, such as rise time of gamma pulse, gamma energy, weapon yield, height of burst, and variation of observer location with regard to Ground Zero. Parameters were also chosen in accordance with recent calculations by C.L. Longmire et al. applying the CHAP code. Comparison with these calculations shows fairly good agreement. (INT)