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Paralleler AD-Umsetzer mit Schwellenwertspannungs-Einstellung

Parallel analogue-to-digital converter with threshold value adjustment - is integrated in CMOS technology with input and output stages interconnected by encoding stage of opposite conductivity type.
: Staudt-Fischbach, P.; Quenzer, H.J.; Eichholz, J.

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DE 1995-19540153 A: 19951027
DE 1996-19644450 A: 19961025
EP 1996-117194 A: 19961025
DE 19644450 A: 19970814
EP 771077 B1: 20040728
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The first stage of a two-bit A/D convertor has three p-channel MOSFETs (M1(1)-M1(3)) with different dopant concentrations, each producing a digital output signal (e.g. Out(1)) for the next stage from the analogue input (U(in)). The n-channel MOSFETs (M2(1)-M2(3)) of the second stage acting as a 1-out-of-n encoder have pull-up resistances (R(PU)) and produce output voltages (A(1)-A(3)) for the third stage. This has two p-channel MOSFETs (M3(1),M3(2)) sharing a common pull-down resistance, and a third p-channel MOSFET (M3(3) with its own pull-down resistance (R(PD)). It has an output connection from each of the pull-down resistances. ADVANTAGE - A high power capability is achieved with a reduced requirement for chip area. 1a,1b,1c/5