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Panzerungswerkstoff und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung

Armour material and process for its production
: Veltl, G.; Petzoldt, F.; Scholz, B.

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DE 1988-3800453 A: 19880109
DE 1988-3800453 A: 19880109
DE 3800453 A1: 19890720
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A material which is composed of at least two metal components and which is in a amorphous state is used as an armouring material. The material can contain metalloids as well as metals and it can be in the form of a loose amalgamation between fixed plates made of crystalline material or in compacted form. In the latter case, the material can either occur as a compact amorphous material or as amorphous components in a composite comprising a crystalline matrix. In a process for the production of this type of material, the amorphization of the starting substances takes place by mechanical alloying followed by compression, for example explosive compression, which is performed at a temperature which is below the crystallization temperature of the material.