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Optische Erfassung von Freiformflaechen

Optical recording method for arbitrary, three-dimensional object surface e.g. vase - using lighting unit with one or several lighting arrangements in first spatial constellation for illuminating arbitrary object surface, and arranging recording unit with one or several image receivers in second spatial constellation.
: Spinnler, K.; Paulus, D.; Lang, P.; Wagner, T.; Bauer, N.; Schramm, U.

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DE 1996-19637381 A1: 19960913
DE 1997-19739250 A: 19970908
DE 19739250 C2: 20030102
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The method uses a lighting unit consisting of one or several lighting arrangements (B1, Bn) brought into a first spatial constellation (43a,43b) to illuminate an arbitrary object surface (20), and a recording unit consisting of one or several image receivers (K1,Kn) in a second spatial constellation, which record images of the illuminated arbitrary object surface. The arbitrary object surface or the object carrying it, is brought into a spatial position (42) which matches with the first and second constellation of the lighting unit and the recording unit in such way, that an application-specific, predetermined surface recording is possible, at least uniformly for a first surface area of the object. USE - In automatic quality control. ADVANTAGE - Enables application-specific recording of arbitrary areas of object surface.