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3D-CAD-Bausteine für die Simulation von Bearbeitungsabläufen

3D-CAD-modules for the simulation of manufacturing processes
: Germer, H.-J.; Rieger, R.; Trebo, D.; Krause, F.-L.

ZWF CIM 85 (1990), No.8, pp.435-438
ISSN: 0932-0482
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IPK ()
assembly; aufgabenbezogener Softwarebaustein; Baugruppe; configuration; Fertigung; geometrieverarbeitender Anwenderbaustein; geometry processing application module; Konfiguration; manufacturing; product planning; Produktplanung; simulation; task oriented software module

The current situation of CAD/CAM-systems is marked by a lack of software modules which provide and process the computerinternal models in a task-oriented manner. In connection with company-wide usable data bases, geometry-processing user modules can be decisive support for the production areas following design. 3D-CAD-based simulation systems take on an important role for the planning and manufacturing of products. In this paper, 3D-CAD-modules for the configuration of manufacturing environments as well as for the simulation of manufacturing processes are introduced.