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Optimierung von Multiprozessorsystemen

Multi-processor system optimisation method - uses data distributor for uniform distribution of input data from signal sources to individual processors..
: Foessel, S.; Wagner, T.; Wenzel, T.

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DE 1997-19718410 A: 19970430
DE 1997-19718410 A: 19970430
DE 19718410 C2: 20031106
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The optimisation method matches the different data streams within the multi- processor system, for even distribution of the data provided by one or more signal sources between the individual data processors (40-50). The data is supplied to the individual data procesors via a data distributor (20) with a data collection stage (20a) on the input side, coupled to the signal sources (10,19) and a data extractor (20b) on the output side with the same number of data outputs as the number of processors. USE - For image processing system for quality control. ADVANTAGE - Efficient operation of multi-processor system by uniform distribution of data processing.