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Optimierung der Prozeßparameter für die induktive Randschichthärtung mit Hilfe numerischer Simulation

: Störzel, K.; Schöpfel, A.; Idelberger, H.

Härterei-Technische Mitteilungen : HTM 52 (1997), No.2, pp.67-72 : Ill., Lit.
ISSN: 0017-6583
ISSN: 0341-101X
ISSN: 1867-2493
Journal Article
Fraunhofer LBF ()

The selection of optimum hardening parameters by means of experiments is time-consuming and costly. Therefore the numerical simulation and optimization of the hardening process is an important tool to narrow the variety of potential parameter combinations, to reduce the number of necessary experiments for process optimization and verification and, thus, to shorten the product development cycle. A calculation procedure is described which allows to simulate the induction hardening process based on the finite element method. Results from numerical simulations are compared to experimental data. The dependency between hardening parameters and resulting residual stress distributions is predicted well. Nevertheless, the experimental verification of the calculation is recommended due to uncertainties regarding the input parameters describing material properties and the hardening process.