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Blockable semiconductor device having insulator profile between anode and cathode metallizations.
: Sittig, R.; Nagel, D.; Dudde, R.; Wagner, B.; Reimer, K.

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DE 1997-19752020 A: 19971124
DE 1997-19752020 A: 19971124
WO 9927582 A2: 19990603
EP 1036418 A2: 20000920
US 6956249 B2: 20051018
DE 19881806 B4: 20060223
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NOVELTY - A blockable semiconductor device has, at an anode metallization edge region, an insulator profile (10a) with a metallized curved region (KB) and a plinth region (SB) which separates the metallization from an outer cathode metallization (3), to result in a constant field line path without extreme values between the metallizations on blocking voltage application. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - A blockable semiconductor device has: (a) at an anode metallization edge region and directly on the device substrate (9), an insulator profile (10a) with a curved region (KB), which starts flat and extends at increasingly greater curvature outwardly and upwardly, and a plinth region (SB); (b) a metallization (30a) which follows the surface curvature and which extends the inner anode metallization (1) sideways; and (c) an outer metallization (3) spaced from the upper end of the curved metallization by the encircling plinth region (SB) of the insulator profile so that a constant field line path, wh ich avoids extreme values, occurs between the two metallizations (1,3) on application of blocking voltage between the spaced metallizations. USE - As a blockable semiconductor device such as an IGBT, thyristor, GTO or diode, especially a Schottky diode. ADVANTAGE - The design avoids electric field extreme values between the anode and cathode metallizations during operation especially at high voltage (above 500 V). DESCRIPTION OF DRAWING(S) - The drawing shows a cross-sectional view of a finished junction termination. Anode metallization 1 Cathode metallization 3 Substrate 9 Insulator profile 10a Extension metallization 30a Curved region KB Plinth region SB