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Online-Visualisierung aktueller Umweltdaten innerhalb des WWW-basierten Informationssystems MARS

: Bauer, K.M.; Freytag, C.; Neumann, L.

Haasis, H.-D.; Ranze, K.C. ; Gesellschaft für Informatik -GI-, Bonn:
Umweltinformatik '98. Vernetzte Strukturen in Informatik, Umwelt und Wirtschaft. 12. Internationales Symposium "Informatik für den Umweltschutz" der Gesellschaft für Informatik (GI)
Marburg: Metropolis-Verl., 1998 (Umwelt-Informatik aktuell 18)
ISBN: 3-89518-216-8
pp.743-756 (Band 2)
Internationales Symposium "Informatik für den Umweltschutz" <12, 1998, Bremen>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IGD ()
Datenbank; Java; Meßwertvisualisierung; Umweltinformation; WWW

MARS is a WWW-based platform for presenting information on the environment. It integrates data from different sources to give the user the opportunity to retrieve and visualise actual measurements of environmental parameters. Information and data are presented using up-to-date multimedia techniques such as Java access on relational data bases and 3D animation. Various software and visualisation tools have been developed for MARS which can be applied to different measurement parameters from all kinds of sources. This paper rovides an overview of MARS and its components as well as an in-depth description of the central parts. The database concepts and the visualisation tools for measurements are discussed in detail. Furthermore, a visualisation pipeline for the presentation of area related data calculated by using a model approach is introduced.