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On modeling of ion implantation at high temperatures

: Pichler, P.; Schork, R.


Radiation effects and defects in solids 127 (1994), pp.367-384
ISSN: 1042-0150
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()
Bor; boron; diffusion; implantation inhansment; implantationsbeschleunigte diffusion; ion implantation; modelling; point defects; Punktdefekt; silicon

Ion implantation in silicon offers a variety of technological advantages like excellent uniformity and reproducibility. Areas where no dopants are wanted can be screened easily by covering layers. The annealing of the damage produced by the implanted dopants and the anomalous dopant migration during damage annealing is, however, not fully understood. In situ annealing of the damage during the implantation process gives additional insight into dopant diffusion and point defect dynamics. This paper outlines the basics of the pair diffusion models used to describe the observed diffusion phenomena. Special attention is given to a discussion of the basic assumptions used in the derivation of the diffusion model and of the parameters involved.