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On-line rheometer with remote controlled adjustable slit-die for energetics

: Müller, D.

American Defense Preparedness Association -ADPA-, Arlington/Va.:
Joint International Symposium on Energetic Materials Technology. Proceedings
Arlington/Va., 1992
Joint International Symposium on Energetic Materials Technology <1992, New Orleans/La.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ICT ()
computer program; energetic materials; gun propellant; high-filled polymer; on-line study; PBX; rheological behaviour; rheological data; slit-die rheometer; twin-screw extruder; viscosity

Some years ago, we had a HAAKE slit-die rheometer adapted to an existing twin-screw extruder process and had optimized its slit geometry for energetics. Particularly, the transition from screw tips to intake of the rheometer die was custon built by ICT. The installation was also designed as an on-line rheometer process, especially for rheological investigations of PBXs and LOVA propellant formulations, as well as of single and triple base propellants. The on-line rheometer and the twin-screw extruder process were remote controlled. In the meantime, the safe and infinite variation in slit-height of the rheometer within a defined range of some millimeters during processing by remote control has proven advantageous. This is particularly evident, when extruding highly filled PBXs and gun propellants, both having a correspondingly high viscosity. The sensitivity of the energetic materials can be reacted to during processing by adjusting the slit geometry, thus avoiding safety problems due t o a non-adjusted slit geometry. We have succeeded in designing the slit-die adjustable in height by remote control prior to and during rheological measurements. All aspects of safety are incorporated in its construction. Furthermore, during processing the flow rate can be determined accurately by means of additional equipment. The values obtained are entered into a computer program, which is used for calculating rheological data.