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Ohne Sachkenntnis keine Qualität

: Groß, A.; Hennemann, O.-D.

Handelsblatt 73 (1995), pp.30
ISSN: 0017-7296
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
adhesive bonding; adhesive bonding engineer; adhesive bonding practioner; adhesive bonding technologist; Ausbildung; centre of adhesive bonding technology; certification; Klebfachingenieur; Klebfachkraft; Klebpraktiken; Klebtechnik; klebtechnisches Zentrum; Personalqualifizierung; qualifikation of personel; technology; training and education; Zertifizierung

With adhesive bonding material properties can be used optimized. With this potential a maximum great number of persons and enterprises must be acquainted to. Innovative potential and quality must be combined directly. The use of adhesive bonding technology needs due to its interdisciplinary and complexity adequate experts knowledge. This will be given to persons who will learn adhesive bonding by DVS-rules and -certificate. Two certificates are available: Adhesive Bonding Practione and Adhesive Bonding Technologist. The Adhesive Bonding Engineer will at present develop. Nr.:941099902233