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Offset-Druckplatte fuer das Drucken mit Wischwasser

Offset pressure plate for printing with fountain solution
: Bauser, H.; Sell, P.J.; Gebhardt, K.F.

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DE 1990-4029225 A: 19900914
DE 1990-4029225 A: 19900914
DE 4029225 A1: 19920319
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The invention relates to an offset pressure plate comprising an emulsion carrier and a top coating for printing using fountain solution. The top coating can be changed by development and has at least one hydrophile and at least one hydrophobe and oliophile component. They are distributed ahead of the latent picture production and the development of the surface so that the surface of the pressure plate is hydrophile for positive pressure plates and hydrophobe or oliophile for negative pressure plates. A latent, electrostatic picture can be produced in the top coating. After exposure and development, the pressure plate is hydrophobe at the exposed places on positive pressure plates and oliophile or hydrophile and oliophobe on negative pressure plates.