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Offline optimization of processing in laser surface hardening using personal computer.

Offline-Prozeßoptimierung der Laseroberflächenhärtung mit den Personalcomputer
: Lepski, D.; Reitzenstein, W.

Proceedings MAT-TEC '91
ISBN: 2-907669-19-2
MAT-TEC <1991, Paris>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWS ()
hardened track geometry; inverse heat conduction problem; inverses Wärmeleitungsproblem; knowledge base; laser beam oscillation; laser surface hardening; Laseroberflächenhärtung; Laserspurgeometrie; Laserstrahloszillation; optimization of processing; personal computer program; Personalcomputerprogramm; phase transformation; Phasenumwandlung; Prozeßoptimierung; temperature field; Temperaturfeld; Wissensbasis

The practical use of laser surface hardening requires the computer aided determination and optimization of laser processing parameters. To this end a personal computer program has been developed, which derives the processing parameters from prescribed characteristic values of the laser induced temperature field and the hardened track geometry, which are necessary in order to yield the desired improvement of workpiece properties such as wear resistance and fatigue strength. The program uses solutions of the heat diffusion equation and material data on laser induced phase transformations stored in a knowledge base. The described software is able to preestimate the achievable laser track geometry and coverage rate for different materials and laser intensity distributions. Possibilities and limitations of the software as well as examples of application and special results are discussed.