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An off-line planning- and simulation system for the programming of coating robots

: Liu, X.; Duelen, G.; Stahlmann, H.-D.

CIRP Annals. Manufacturing Technology 38 (1989), No.1, pp.369-372
ISSN: 0007-8506
International Institution for Production Engineering Research (General Assembly) <39, 1989, Trondheim>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
3-dimensional field calculation; coating robot; electrical charge; electrostatic coating; mathematical description; planning; simulation

After the development of a computer aided planning system for numerically controlled paint-spraying machines, a new mathematical procedure to describe the electrostatic coating process has been conceived. The central aspect of the mathematical model is the calculation of the electrical field distribution on an sculptured surface, whereby the complicated problem of 3-dimensional field calculation can be reduced to the computation of the field intensity in a 2-dimensional plane. In this way, a simulation of the electrostatic coating process with determination of the complete field pattern (of all surfaces) is possible. For the first time the mathematical description is not based on the description of the continuum theory of the Maxwell equations, but on the physical law of electrical charges (Lorentz).