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A 0.25 mu m NMOS transistor fabricated with X-ray lithography

: Breithaupt, B.; David, H.H.; Ballhorn, R.; Jacobs, E.P.; Windbracke, W.; Zwicker, G.


Microelectronic engineering 13 (1991), No.1-4, pp.319-322
ISSN: 0167-9317
International Conference on Microlithography: Microcircuit Engineering (ME) <16, 1990, Leuven>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ISIT ()
masks; MOS integrated circuits; photoresists; synchrotron radiation; X-ray lithography

Partially scaled 0.25 mu m NMOS transistors have been fabricated using X-ray lithography with synchrotron radiation (SRL). In this paper the present quality of this technique combined with the application of the X-ray sensitive resist RAY PF is discussed with special regard to pattern transfer and linewidth control. Fabrication process steps of the NMOS transistors are presented and electrical data of the devices are discussed.