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An object oriented method for integrated enterprise modelling as a basis for enterprise integration modelling technology -ICEIMT-

: Mertins, K.; Süssenguth, W.; Jochem, R.

Petrie, C.J. ; Massachusetts Institute of Technology -MIT-, Cambridge/Mass.:
Enterprise Integration Modelling. Proceedings
Cambridge/Mass.: MIT, 1992
International Conference on Enterprise Integration Modelling (ICEIM) <1, 1992, Hilton Head/S.C.>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPK ()
IEM; integrated enterprise modelling; object-oriented approach

Today the modelling of an enterprise is enabled by various methods which are used for different purposes and views upon the enterprise. Using an object-oriented approach the Inegrated Enterprise Modelling (IEM) concept will integrate different modelling views in one consistent manufacturing enterprise model and will provide a modelling base for construction of an enterprise model from a user's point of view. It will lead the user from a general CIM architecture given by predefined model structures to a particular model and arcitecture of the system support in his own manufacturing enterprise, which are the essential tasks towards a enterprise wide and integrative usage of information technology. Therefore the basic constructs like object class structure and a related process decription method via generic activity model will be presented. The kernel and the main views of a manufacturing enterprise model will be derived. An example using hte IEM concept for the specific view of CIM plann ing and introduction will clarify the main features of the concept. A comparison with CIM-OSA-Project will be done.