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Oberflaechenvergroesserte Aluminiumfolie fuer Elektrolytkondensatoren und Vakkum-Beschichtungsverfahren zu deren Herstellung

Aluminium foil for electrolytic capacitors and process for its manufacture
: Neumann, M.; Hoetzsch, G.; Morgner, H.; Paul, M.; Weiland, H.

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DE 1991-4127743 A: 19910822
DE 1991-4127743 A: 19910822
DE 4127743 C2: 19940511
Patent, Electronic Publication
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The aluminium foil is intended to have a high specific surface capacitance at high stability. The manufacture is intended to be environmentally friendly and performed using conventional coating equipment. According to the invention, smooth aluminium foil is provided on both sides with a non-porous coating containing aluminium and aluminium oxide in such a way that the aluminium is supplied in the form of columna crystallite coated with aluminium oxide and isolated. The aluminium coating is applied by homogeneous ion action. The angle of impingement of the aluminium particles on the foil surface should be more than 30 at the beginning of coating deposition.