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Oberflächenprüfung mit neuronalen Netzen

: Abele, A.

Prenninger, J. ; SKF Österreich, Quality Technology Centre; TU Wien, Institut für Flexible Automation; Vereinigung zur Förderung der Modernisierung der Produktionstechnologien, Steyr; PROFACTOR GmbH, Steyr:
Bildverarbeitung in der industriellen Praxis
Steyr, 1995
Internationales Kooperationssymposium Bildverarbeitung in der Industriellen Praxis <1995, Steyr>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Bildverarbeitung; Merkmalerkennung; neuronal network; neuronales Netzwerk; Oberflächenprüfung; Prüfsystem; Prüfung; Qualität

Surface Inspection has a broad variety of potential applications in computer vision. Nevertheless there are only few inspection systems that have become commercial products. One reason is the very rigid structure of the algorithms that are mostly designed for one special inspection task. Neural networks provide a mechanism to get the image processing more flexible and thus the developing time for a inspection system shorter. An introduction to an image processing and pattern classification concept is given and the possibilities and boundaries of the concept are discussed.