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Nutzen des werkstofflichen, rohstofflichen und energetischen Recycling von Kunststoffabfällen

Benefit of mechanical recycling, feedstock recycling and energy recovery for plastic wastes
: Holley, W.

8. Internationaler Recycling Congress 95. Proceedings
Internationaler Recycling Congress <8, 1995, Berlin>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer ILV ( IVV) ()
energetisches Verfahren; energy recovery; feedstock; feedstock recycling; Kunststoffverwertung; mechanical recycling; plastic waste; rohstoffliches Verfahren; werkstoffliches Verfahren

In conclusion the study cleary shows support for an integrated waste management strategy, combining mechanical recycling, feedstock recycling and energy recovery. Mechanical recycling is not environmentally superior "on its own" compared with the less expensive feedstock recycling and energy recovery processes. In the case where virgin material can be substituted close to the level of 1:1 and functional equivalence of the resulting products is presupposed, mechanical recycling may have advantages over other alternatives in terms of resource efficiency and some environmental emission based criteria. But in the case of post-consumer plastics packaging waste these advantages will be obtained by a significant depletion of financial resources. Cost-eco benefit analysis with respect to the most attractive alternatives in the field of foodstock recycling and energy recovery should be urgently considered. For this evaluation, the results of the study will be an excellent basis for further rese arch.