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Numerische Modellierung der Wirbelstromprüfung geschichteter Strukturen aus Aluminium zur quantitativen Bestimmung simulierter Korrosionsschäden an Flugzeugkonstruktionen

Experimentelle Ergebnisse
Numerical modellation of eddy current testing of laminated aluminium structures for the quantitative determination of simulated corrosion defects in aeroplane constructions
: Disque, M.; Becker, R.; Nashabat, A.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V. -DGZfP-, Berlin:
Die ZfP der DACH-Länder im Spiegelbild internationaler Normung. Band 2
1996 (DGZfP-Berichtsbände 52,2)
ISBN: 3-931381-07-0
Jahrestagung Zerstörungsfreie Materialprüfung <1996, Lindau>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
corrosion; eddy current testing; Korrosion; Wirbelstromprüfung

The potential of theoretic-numerical modelling of practical testing problems is presented by examples of nondestructive testing using the multifrequency eddy current method. Modelling of eddy current testing tasks allows the problem-oriented selection of the probe and the test frequency, thus an optimization of the testing system avoiding the usually costly and time-consuming development and production of specimens and probes. A commercial programme package on the basis of the volume-integral-method was used for the modelling of the test signals. Examples of solutions for the optimization of the test parameters for the detection and evaluation of corrosion defects (weakening of the wall thickness) in multilayer aeroplane constructions (glued aluminium sheets) are demonstrated and compared to measurement results of a testing device with suitable parameters. At present this kind of testing system not state-of-the-art.