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Numerical and experimental study of noise generated by a vibrating plate

: Estorff, O. von; Homm, A.; Bartels, F.

Burke, W.R. ; European Space Agency -ESA-, Paris:
Spacecraft structures and mechanical testing. Proceedings of an international conference
Paris: ESA, 1991 (ESA SP 321)
ISBN: 92-9092-126-9
International Conference on Spacecraft Structures and Mechanical Testing <4, 1991, Noordwijk>
Conference Paper
Forschungsgruppe Hydroakustik; 1992
Abstrahlung; acoustic calculation; allgemeine Platte; Ausbreitung; Boundary Element Methode; directivity pattern; noise evaluation; numerische Berechnung; räumlich; Richtcharakteristik; Schallabstrahlung; Schwingung; sound radiation; Welle

Applying an indirect Boundary Element Method the sound radiation of a vibrating cantilever plate is investigated. The numerically obtained results are compared with measured data in order to show the accuracy and applicability of the numerical approach. The study clearly enhances the confidence in the computational solution of noise problems which are of particular importance in connection with the qualification of large spacecraft structures like HERMES.