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Normierte strukturierte Fuzzy-Klassifikatoren und deren Anwendung in FPL-Anzeleratoren

: Franke, H.; Müller, D.; Eichhorn, K.; Schlegel, P.

Echtzeit '95. Kongreß und Messe für zeitkritische Computer-Anwendungen. Kongreßband : 20. - 22. Juni, Karlsruhe; Kongressband
Hagenburg: Network-OSE, 1995
ISBN: 3-924651-46-9
Fachtagung Echtzeit <1995, Karlsruhe>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IWU ()
classification; Echtzeit; expert system; Expertensystem; fuzzy; Klassifikation; realtime

The Fuzzy-Pattern-Classification is a useful approach for modelling of complex nonlinear systems. A multi-dimensional classificator is trained in a learning phase. New unknown objects may be classified using the trained modell in the working phase. A algorithm for fuzzy-logical combinations may be added to be classification. This improves the classification results of many applications. Modules for evaluation, statistics and fuzzy-control applications are provided. A modular hardware-based accelerator was developed for time-critical on-line applications. The article describes the use of the accelerator for surface checking of metal remodelling processes.