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Non-destructive material testing of ceramic parts at the Fraunhofer-Institute.

Zerstörungsfreie Materialuntersuchung an Keramikteilen im Fraunhofer-Institut
: Pfeiffer, W.; Prümmer, R.; Isenberg, W.

Energy and Automation 9 (1987), No.3, pp.40-41 : Abb.
ISSN: 0931-6221
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IWM ()
Bauteil; Eigenspannung; Elastizitätskonstante; Keramik; Röntgenbeugung; Siliziumkarbid; Siliziumnitrid; Strukturanalyse

The trend towards more efficient motor-vehicle engines and the boom in catalist technology are making ceramic components more and more vital. As a result, appropriate methods of examining the material are also gaining in importance. Close cooperation in the field of X-ray analysis between the Fraunhofer-Institute for Materials Mechanics and Siemens has led to the development of a non-destructive method of analysis: previously, X-ray stress analysis had essentially been limited to metallic materials, but now this method has successfully been applied to ceramic materials. (IWM)