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NMR study of aluminium diffusion in solid noble metals - Al alloys

: Konert, O.; Kolem, H.; Günther, B.

Metal Science Forum (1987), pp.437-442
Journal Article
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
diffusion; Fremddiffusion; Kernresonanz(magnetisch); Kernspinresonanz; NMR

The diffusion of Al in M:Al (M = Cu,Ag,Au) has been investigated by measuring the rotating frame spin relaxation time T sub 1 rho of 27 Al as a function of temperature (300-1200 K) and of Al concentration (1.6-6 at%). Large diffusion-induced contributions to 1/T sub 1 rho were observed, which have to be attributed to Al diffusion. From the NMR data the temperature dependences of the correlated Al diffusion coefficients were determined. (IFAM)