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Ni, In and Sb implanted Pt and V catalysed thin-film SnO2 gas sensors

Nickel-, Indium- and Antimondotierte Zinndioxid-Dünnschicht Gassensoren mit Platin- und Vanadium-Katalysator

Eurosensors VI. Book of Abstracts
pp.1-23 : Abb.,Lit.
Eurosensors <6, 1992, San Sebastian>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPM ()
Dünnschicht; gas sensor; gassensor; implantation; Saphir-Substrat; sapphire substrate; thin films; tin dioxide; Zinndioxid

Thin-film technologies lead to low cost and reliable microsystems combining electronics and sensors. However, in competition to microelectronic fabrication sensor technologies exhibit a lack of experience creating difficulties in microsystem integration. In this paper a simple implantation process is introduced to improve thin-film sensor performance. In, Ni and Sb-doped thin-film V and Pt catalysed SnO2 gas sensors are presented. The sensor response due to pulses of H2, COx, NH3, NO2, CH4 and C2H5OH is discussed in the temperature range between 100 and 400 degree C.