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New technology indicators for the evaluation of research and development programmes

: Grupp, H.; Schmoch, U.; Kuntze, U.

Becher, G.; Kuhlmann, S.:
Evaluation of technology policy programmes in Germany
Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, 1995 (Economics of Science Technology and Innovation)
Book Article
Fraunhofer ISI ()
assessment of R and D programme; evaluation; output indicator; science and technology

This paper examines the utility of science and technology (S&T) output indicators for the evaluation of research and development (R&D) programmes. The main objective is to contribute to improved evaluation by adding quantitative information not being provided by the supported institutions or persons. Thus, S&T indicators try to provide more objective sets of data and to supplement on going evaluations, but not to replace them. Altogether, the new technology indicators are an effective additional tool for the assessment of R&D programme assumptions. They never can replace judgements by peers. But as peer review alone will not provide sufficient information on several aspects important for evaluation, indicator studies appear to be complementary and supportive to the peers. Furthermore, the application-orientation of the programme result can be evaluated in a straightforward way. For other aspects of programme evaluation like realtime goal achievement, technology indicators are less suit ed, as there are time lags between the programme execution and the appearence of respective R&D field is too small. In any case an intensive communication between the indicator evaluation group and the programme management is desirable in order to establish fine search strategies adapted to the real contents of the on going programmes.