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New manufacturing concepts for the production of integrated circuits

Neue Fertigungskonzepte für die Produktion von integrierten Halbleiterbauelementen
: Warnecke, H.-J.; Frühauf, W.; Schmutz, W.

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International -SEMI-, San Jose/Calif.:
Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing for the 1990s. Semicon/Europa 90
Moutain View, Calif.: SEMI, 1990
Semicon Europa <1990, Zürich>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPA ()
cluster tool; Fertigung; Fertigungskonzept; Fertigungszelle; Halbleiterbauelement; lokaler Reinraum; manufacturing Cell; manufacturing Concept; Materialfluss; minienvironment; modul; Reinraum; semiconductor; Transporttechnik

The structures of ULSI-circuits are continuously shrinking while the ship area has to increase in order to implement the demanded number of elements. To reach a yield which is economically acceptable, the defect density has to be reduced dramatically in future. At the same time the complexity and the number of process steps are increasing. Tighter process tolerances and uniformity across wafer diameters of at least 200 mm (300 mm wafers are under discussion) have to performed. The tendency to smaller batch sizes, higher product mix and shorter cycle times involves higher demands on flexibility for the whole production process. Coming closer to physical and technological limits with submicron-structures, the limits of direct manual interactions are evident. New concepts and strategies for the semiconductor production have to be developed and implemented. The goals of future semiconductor production have to be: - reduction of defect densities at the product - reduction of cycle times - i mprovement of production flexibility - improvement of systems uptime Only a system-approach fulfill future demands in semiconductor production. The following new manufacturing conceptx can support this goal and are discussed in the paper - cell orientated manufacturing structures - local and transportable cleanrooms (minienvironment) - material distribution systems - modular integrated processing systems.