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A new hybrid concept for a long stroke fast-tool-servo system

: Weck, M.; Mehlkopp, K.; Terwei, T.; Özmeral, H.

10th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Precision Engineering '95. Proceedings
American Society for Precision Engineering (Annual Meeting) <10, 1995, Austin>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IPT ()
actuator; diamond turning; fast-tool-servo; linear motor; non-rotationally symmetric surfaces; piezoelectric translator

The use of lasers is more and more growing in industrial processing of different materials. An important aspect in this context is the necessity to adjust a specific intensity distribution for each application. This is usually realized by special optics, which are able to form the beam. To reduce the number of mirrors in beam guides of laser systems, special designed optics with nrs structures up to several 100 gm height are needed. Based on the existing fast-tool-servo system a new hybrid fast-tool-servo system with two mechanically coupled actuators was designed: a piezo system with a stroke of 40 micron at 1000 Hz and a linear motor with a stroke of 2 mm at 40 Hz. A detailed description of the hybrid fast-tool-servo system and examples of diamond turned non-roatainally symmetric optics are given.