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New Developments in Ultrasonic Testing Simulation for Orthotropic Materials

: Spies, M.

Bollettino di geofisica teorica ed applicata 40 (1999), No.1, Supplement, pp.127
ISSN: 0006-6729
International Conference on Theoretical and Computational Acoustics <1999, Triest>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
generalisierte Punktquellensynthese; Generalized Point Source Synthesis; GPSS; simulation; ultrasonic inspection

For materials of orthotropic elastic symmetry and arbitrary spatial orientation, transducer-field modeling using the Generalized Point source Synthesis(GPSS) method has been presented recently. Based on this formulation, the scattering of ultrasound at defects is addressed using Kirchhoff's approximation for non-planar scatters like e.g. spheres and cylinders. Evaluation is performed in view of the radiation characteristics of such defects, considering (quasi-) longitudinal wave scattering. Also, the elaborated relationships have been applied to caculate echo dynamic curves in dependence of transducer position for pulse-echo technique. In the second part of this contribution, a Gaussian beam approach for high speed transducer field calculation is presented for the materials under concern. The calcuations are performed using the superposition of Gausssian base functions, each function being furnished with coefficents fixing the beam waists and their position. To test the approach, the c ase of a piston radator is addressed, where the GPSS-method is applied as a reference. Results are shown for various material configurations.