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New ceramic materials derived from biogenic raw materials

Neue keramische Werkstoffe aus biogenen Rohstoffen
: Kleber, S.

Kopetz, H. ; European Commission; Centrales Agrar-Rohstoff-Marketing und Entwicklungs-Netzwerk -CARMEN-:
10th European Conference and Technology Exhibition Biomass for Energy and Industry 1998. Proceedings
Rimpar: CARMEN, 1998
European Conference and Technology Exhibition "Biomass for Energy and the Industry" <10, 1998, Würzburg>
Conference Paper
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
carbon materials; ceramics; growing raw material; siliconcarbide materials

Scientists around the globe are challenged by increasing environmental problems such as limited resources of conventional materials and waste management. Those problems force the scientific community to look for new ways to obtain materials and energy from renewable sources. Part of this concept is development of methods to convert biological substances into high quality materials for commercial products. Nature itself provides us with solutions to the problem of designing inorganic materials with desirable features. Generally, biogenic fibers are characterised by a high carbon content and a defined and hierarchic structure, which gives them strengh and flexibility. Based on this information we developed a new structure and technological concept for composites containing carbon fibers derived from biogenic fibers. We demonstrate that our new carbon and SiC-C-Si composites could substitute conventional materials. Moreover, their production offers economical and ecological advantages.